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Before creating or updating a website, it is important to plan out exactly what content you are going to include. Making decisions can be difficult, as a number of factors need to be taken into consideration.

The number one search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is to put content in the forefront, and adding the right keywords within the written content is key. If you do not include the right keywords then people who are using those words in search engines will not find your business appear on their Google SERP (search engine result page). On the flip side, using too many keywords could make Google suspicious that your content plan is ‘spam’ and only there to appeal to its algorithms.  That is why it is a good idea to plan your content with someone who knows what they are doing to include the best search terms but not overdo them.

During the initial stage I will take in consideration your target audience, who your potential new customers are, and what they are looking for on your site. Once I have the answer to these questions, I will map out a rough plan of what type of content will appeal to them.  The tone, style, and type of language used will have an impact on your company’s image and determine if people feel that they can work with you. Establishing a plan detailing the image you want to project is the best course of action.

The most effective SEO strategies include planning for your blog and social media content that can be added to over time to increase links and interest in your site.  In addition, keeping your site updated with the latest information will help to establish your website as an authority in your industry. Also recognize it’s an ongoing process with your business content plan, as well planned content can increase traffic to your site, keep visitors there for longer, and lead to a higher conversion rate where visitors turn into customers.