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Despite all the changes that Google has made to their search algorithms recently, having a high number of good quality links is still the best way to achieve a high ranking position on all the main search engines. Developing these links and ridding yourself of low quality links, which could be causing you to be penalised by Google, is a time consuming process.

Low quality links are those that point to sites that link to many other sites, but have very little actual content are considered to be ‘spam’ by Google. They feel that these websites are trying to cheat the system by selling links to sites that are just there to artificially inflate the number of backlinks the paying site has, without adding any benefit for people searching. Quite often, ‘bad’ quality websites link to other sites without the owners’ knowledge. A link site will usually point to major reputable sites as well as those of it’s customers in order to improve its own ranking, piggybacking on the success of others. In these circumstances, it becomes necessary to find out which sites are linking to yours and remove the damaging links.

Once the links that could potentially drag your site’s ranking down have been removed, you will need to establish the type of links that will improve your ranking instead. There are many different techniques for building links, and these vary greatly for different industries. I never use any ‘suspect’ practices that could result in clients’ sites being punished by search engines. Instead, I use tried and tested methods which have worked for me in the past, improving them over time through extensive research.

As having good quality links to your website has become so important to ranking highly on search engines, it is vital that this is done properly and monitored regularly to ensure that no ‘bad’ links have appeared that could have a negative effect on where your website appears on Google. So stop worrying about seemingly ‘unnatural’ links, and rely only on experts that know what to do when it comes to reinforcing your linking strategy.