Welcome to nuttall media, a complete digital marketing agency that can help bring your business into the digital age.



If you decide to buy Nuttall Media Personal Blogger Skill pricing then here is further info on what you would get for £100:

Blogger/Wordpress Set Up

  • If you’re completely new to blogging and not sure where to start then I will help you.
  • My task would be to set up the blog, help you set the blog URL.
  • Create a login for you.

Full Theme Customization 

  • Help you design a theme for your blog.
  • I will make a custom-made header for the blog.
  • I will help you choose a personalize colour-theme.

One To One Tutorial

  • I can talk everything through skype and emails.
  • If you live in London, we can meet up and work it all through together.
  • I will never leave you and will work with you step by step.

Social Media Set-up

  • A step by step guide on setting up various social media networks.
  • Create a login for you.
  • Customize cover header for various social media networks, it will reflect the same style as the blog.